Conditions of Use

• Responsibility : Third-party Delivery Team offer a door-to-door delivery service only. If you want to pay an excessive amount for in-house delivery, a waiver of liability will need to be signed.

• Safety : Third-party Delivery Team not held be responsible for moving any furniture, valuables, or property items. To promise good health and safety of our service providers, we reserve the right to refuse or reschedule work due to unsafe conditions, which include, without limitation, extreme temperatures, natural disasters or the existence of other hazards, real or perceived. Haul away services may result in additional charges.

• Delivery Authorization : Someone at least 18 years of age must be present at all times on the day of delivery and review and approve all work completed. Delivery Team will not leave the appliance outside your home/desired destination, unless someone is there to witness or receive the delivery.

• Customer Information : Is all of your customer information accurate? Please verify before delivery. If not, Delivery teams will not be able to reach you to confirm the correct delivery address, and Delivery Team is not liable for mistakes or miscommunication in information.

• Home Access : Please make sure Third-party Delivery Team has a clear path via Delivery Team truck to the front of your home. 

• Scheduling : If Third-party Delivery Team arrives on the original scheduled delivery date, and the customer does not inform of any changes, Delivery Team holds the right to not deliver the item. If a specific time range for delivery has been determined/requested, additional fees may apply.

• Dimensions : Make sure the correct dimensions are measured before the delivery to ensure your appliance will fit through the doors / where the appliance will be placed.

• Product Verification : Verify color , gas/electric, brand/model selection.

• Specialty Installation : Some appliances require special installation for purchasing. Please refer to a manufactures PDF manual installation guide.

• New Standard Connection : If your house does not have standard connections, is missing parts (example no waterline) not up to code, is missing shut off valves or there are missing outlets ( or other connections) Delivery Team is not liable for issues with these matters, or can refuse to install appliance/s, if the in house delivery option has been selected.

• Disclaimer : Appliances 4 Less is not responsible for third-party delivery and business between customers, and will not compensate for damages or losses during delivery.

Appliances 4 Less not be liable for any failure or delay in performance due to any cause beyond our control.  For any un-installation services provided, you agree that neither we shall be responsible for repairing any changes made to your residence. if deconstruct or break down any product for haul away services even if necessary for removal. Appliances 4 Less not affiliated or liable for any issues, damages, problems or failed delivery attempts.

Inspect your merchandise for, and inform us of, damage at the time of pick up or delivery. Scratch-n-dent or refurbished items do not apply for reconsideration of exchange or return for exterior damages, defects or un-cleanliness, as these are not justifiable based on our rates/deals. 

Any items for exchange that are dirty or that show considerable damage, not in the original form sold, can be subjected to additional fees. Up to 100% of the original purchase price. Appliances 4 Less will not clean your appliance after repairs have taken place, unless paid for by the customer.

Functional Defects must be reported within 30 days of pick up or delivery. If you report a performance problem with your merchandise and the problem is subsequently diagnosed as a functional defect by a Appliances 4 Less technician in-store and it is unable to be repaired within seven business days of the diagnosis, your merchandise will be replaced. Performance concerns reported after this 30 day period will be addressed per the terms and conditions of the additional warranty (if any).

Scratch and dent merchandise can have doors, racks, trays, shelves and integrity issues with the appliances. Appliances 4 Less sells this merchandise for a discounted rate because of these potential defects. Some of these defects can have an issue with doors fully opening/closing, opposite swings on fridges/freezers, perfect sealing , bent brackets, non-aligned doors or components, or any similar circumstances, Appliances 4 Less does not accept liability for fixing said issues. Scratch and dent merchandise varies depending on quality and Appliances 4 Less is not liable for paying for parts that have a degree of damage already declared, potential non-functionality of parts, loose parts, and missing parts. Even if you don’t realise when looking in store any dents or other issues, you run the risk of having these issues arise and take risk and responsibility.

Appliances 4 Less is not liable for ordering additional parts or repairing the unit passed the point in which it left the store sold. Once the item has been sold, as it is our duty to get the appliance to a condition we deem is usable. The warranty will cover whether or not certain parts that were already present on the unit have failed. See our warranty policy for what does and doesn’t qualify.