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One Year Warranty


  • Please have the following information available when you need Warranty severce:
  • Warranty ID number
  • Valid proof of purchase
  • Make, model number and ID number of your product


  • Please note that based on the MSRP of the product, your service may be subject to a deductible.
  • What is not covered:
  • • Any product which the ID number has been defaced, modified or removed, or cannot be readily determined
  • • Any product that has been removed outside the United States
  • No warranty on water filters, cosmetic parts, such as but not limited to, glass cook tops, glass, trim, knobs, panels, racks, tanks, tubs, baskets, structural parts, doors, door liners, insulation, shelves, hardware, hoses, ice trays, water lines, inlets, recalled units/parts, etc. Details refer to Invoice. ALL WORK performed on this appliance by the customer or another company will void of all warranties.





  • 1. Each appliance sold is a 48-hour return item from major appliance stores which is new, reconditioned, and/or slightly scratched or dented. The “new” herein means the appliance has never been used, not in a sense of “brand new” when purchased from a major appliance store.
  • 2. Each appliance is sold AS IS and NO MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.
  • 3. Each appliance is in good condition when sold and can be used as expected by the customer.
  • 4. Each appliance’s original serial number has been removed by its original manufacturer’s duly appointed direct representative under specific authorization from the original manufacturer.
  • 5. Each Appliance bears a unique serial number produced by its original manufacturer’s duly appointed direct representative.
  • 6. Limited or replacement warranty from a third party commencing from the date of the purchase invoice may be purchased and the unique serial number specified in Paragraph 4 is shall be used when a warranty service is needed.